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Shridhi Jewels LLP

Welcome to Shridhi Jewels LLP, Kolkata a wholesaler of Branded Diamond and Silver Jewellery. We have expertise in branded lightweight rings, earrings, pendants, mangalsutra, necklaces, and bangles. We have always strived to provide our customers with the most unique and elegant jewellery designs for the most special occasions and daily wear. We specialise in fancy modern designs as well as lightweight pieces based on modern fashions. We have always catered to our customers for different occasions like anniversaries, weddings, birthdays and many special events. Our designers always make each piece unique and craft it with precision and perfection. We believe that the beauty and design of a jewellery item are as important as the quality of the metal used to create them. We have a wide array of multiple jewellery designs that are perfect for your store.

Together, we hope to build trust, which will be the foundation of our lifelong relationship with our valued retailers and customers.Delight us with your presence and be amazed at the collection of different jewellery items.

Brand Associates with


By Emerald, Coimbatore (Super Stockiest, West Bengal and Sikkim)


By H K Group, Mumbai(Authorised Distributor, Kolkata Area)


By H K Group, Mumbai(Authorised Distributor, Kolkata Area)


By Hari Krishna Group, Mumbai  

Zilara – By Emerald, Coimbatore

Looking for an eye-catching piece of jewelry? Look no further than KISNA! Our Diamond Jewellery is the most trusted brand in the market and is marked by superiority. The founder, Shavji Dholakia, Hari Krishna Group, Mumbai started the company with a vision to provide the best quality products to our customers. The designs are contemporary and eye-catching, making them perfect for any special occasion. Whether you’re looking for a necklace, bracelet, or earrings, KISNA has everything you wish for!

Introducing our exclusive line of silver jewelry, Zilara. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or just looking for a stylish addition to your everyday outfit, our one-of-a-kind pieces are sure to inspire you. The minimalistic designs of Zilara are both fashionable and versatile, making them perfect for any occasion. Whether you’re looking for a statement necklace or earrings to add a little glamour to your look, our silver jewellery is sure to bring the magic to you.

Shridhi Jewels LLP, Kolkata is a Super Stockiest, West Bengal and Sikkim for distribution of “Zilara” Silver Jewellery Brand for small, lightweight and trendy silver jewellery. Made in India, Made in India’s most advanced silver jewellery manufacturing facility at Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. A Silver Jewellery Brand by Asia’s Largest and most advanced Jewellery manufacturing company Emerald Jewel Industry India Limited.


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